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If you retire to Kuala Lumpur you will live in the capital of Malaysia which is emerging as one of the best places to retire in Southeast Asia. It has a population of nearly 2 million, but greater Kuala Lumpur has grown into a larger metropolis of over 7 million inhabitants. Its rich cultural heritage combined with a low cost of living and modern infrastructure truly makes it one of the best places to retire in Asia, if not the world.

Another giant city but slightly smaller than Bangkok and much smaller than Manila.

The geography of Kuala Lumpur is characterized by a huge valley known as Klang Valley.

Protected by the Titiwangsa Mountains in the east and Indonesia's Sumatra Island in the west, Kuala Lumpur has a tropical rainforest climate which is warm and sunny, along with abundant rainfall, especially during the northeast monsoon season from October to March. Temperatures tend to remain constant. Maximums are in the high 80s to low 90s, while low temperatures would be in the mid 70s and never below 60. Kuala Lumpur typically receives less than 100 inches of rain annually. Pretty nice weather if you want to retire to Kuala Lumpur.

Flooding is a frequent occurrence in Kuala Lumpur whenever there is a heavy downpour, especially in the city center and downstream areas. Dust particles from forest fires from nearby Sumatra sometimes cast a haze over the region. It is a major source of pollution in the city together with open burning, emission from motor vehicles and construction work.

Kuala Lumpur, and much of Malaysia, will have a much more Chinese feel to it than either the Philippines or Thailand. Almost half of the total population in both Kuala Lumpur and Penang is Chinese or of Chinese descent. The city also has large numbers of immigrants from around the world. You will find that English is understood here much more than in the more rural parts of the country, which is another good reason to retire to Kuala Lumpur if you are considering Malaysia.

This is both a pretty city and a modern one. the city has a large number of very modern supermalls. For something a little more traditional, there is no shortage of smaller local open markets as well. The Petaling Street night market is perhaps the most well known. The Central Market of Kuala Lumpur is another very popular shopping area.

The many mosques and temples of the city reflect its diversity with its Islamic, Chinese and Indian religious influences. The Jamek Mosque and Sze Ya Temple are both popular sites.

There will be lots of nightlife and entertainment here but it will be a little more subdued than what you would find in either Bangkok or Manila because of the strong British influence in this country.

A nice mix if you retire to Kuala Lumpur.

Kuala Lumpur is a pretty young city, just a little over 150 years old. In some parts of the city, the architecture reflects the time of British colonialism. In other areas, the architecture shows the many other cultures and influences that make up this city.

The 88 story Petronas Towers, was once the tallest building in the world, and is probably the most recognizable landmark in the city. It is representative of the new and modern aspect of this city.

Kuala Lumpur is known for its affordable first class tourist accommodations, international culinary options, impressive architectural attractions such as the Petronas Twin Towers, and world class shopping malls. Combined with an aggressive strategy for attracting retirees and expatriates. Kuala Lumpur has become a first class retirement destination.

Expatriate living in Malaysia is characterized by a great deal of cultural diversity. It is embedded in the city’s life, architecture, communities, commercial and entertainment activities. If you retire abroad to Kuala Lumpur, you will retire into a truly rich and internationalized lifestyle.

The cost of living in the city will vary depending on the type of accommodations that you desire. The closer you are to the city center, the greater the cost. As you move further out of the city, prices begin to drop noticeably. Typical apartments are a basic two bedroom, living room and kitchen unit.

The larger hospitals in Kuala Lumpur are modern and equipped with state of the art facilities. Some of the top of the line private hospitals are places for medical tourism. If you retire to Kuala Lumpur, you will have ready access to modern medical care.

Kuala Lumpur is a young and rapidly modernizing city. The country of Malaysia has bent over backwards to attract expatriates to their country. Kuala Lumpur hosts a large resident population of foreign workers and expatriates, and is very much a multicultural city. Given the city’s economic progress and friendly policies towards expatriates who wish to retire to Kuala Lumpur it is definitely worth considering.

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But Caves just outside Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur
Jalang Petaling

Kuala Lumpur
Kual Lumpur City Center
Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur
Jalang Bintang
Kuala Lumpur
City park

Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur
night in KL

Kuala Lumpur
Pavilion Fountain
Kuala Lumpur
City view

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